Here you can find all jobs we have at the moment -

The price for this season is:

$200 for a 1 Job Offer - for the agencies

$250 - for the students

Lifeguard Jobs - SPECIAL PRICE (ask us)

You have to make a payment after Job Offer's verification by the sponsor

Dear agencies, the resumes you send us have to be in this format or similar to it.
Then your students will have a better chance to get a job. Thank you!  


Hiring seasons

Students are allowed to work in USA for 3-4 months, with an extra month for traveling.
Student program dates depend on varied academic calendars around the world and university rules.
Summer - May to October/ Winter - December to April/ Spring - March to June


Honolulu, Hawaii

Bussines type: Cafe

Job positions: kitchen helper (4-5 students)

Per hour $10.25

H/Week 35+

Description: Working in the kitchen, cleaning, dishes, food prep, pizza and sandwich maker helping to prepare food etc.

Requirements: hardworking people, min 7 of English is needed


Lake Buena Vista, Fl (close to Orlando) -

Team Member (at pizza place)

Wage is $10.50 per hour. 40 hours per week plus overtime. No housing!

As a team member they will be responsible for:

Preparing/cooking pizzas
Maintaining fast, accurate service, positive guest relations, and ensuring products are consistent with company quality.
Ensuring the correct tools & procedures are used to prepare, build and present perfect food.

- Uniform provided
- Meal privilege.
- Eligible for Monthly Services Bonuses.


Restaurant in Nashville, TN need -

- 4 Hosts - $9-$12 depending on experience
- 4 Bussers - $2.13 plus tips (tip based position) Average $30 to $150 a day depending on the shift. Shift is determined by ability to work hard.
- 6 Stockers - they make $9.00 and support Bussers with no tips
- 4 Food Runners - $2.13 plus tips (tip based position) Average $30 to $150 a day depending on the shift. Shift is determined by ability to work hard.
- 15 dishwashers at $11.00/hr
- 4 line cooks from $11.00 & up depending on experience.

All the positions are for boys and girls. 40 hours per week plus overtime.
No housing but it's easy to find it (price $100 per week approx).


Lifeguards around Atlanta, Georgia (few locations):

Wage: $10.00 - $13.00 per hour (overtime). Employer will help
to find housing. Training plus uniform is $325

Start Date: Earliest Start Date, May 26, 2019
Latest Start Date, June 19, 2019
End Date: Earliest End Date - August 31, 2019
Latest End Date – September 11, 2019

Fluent Level of spoken English is required to do this
job. Monitoring the swimming pool to ensure safe and proper operations,
keeping the pool area clean and free of all debris, monitoring chemicals and
pump room operations


Myrtle Beach, SC - Portrait artists

Any sponsor except Interexchange!
6 positions available -
$8.85 per hour at the beginning (tips possible)..
40 hours a week.
This job is great for people who loves to draw.
Housing - Average rent is $90 per week per person.
It's easy to find a 2nd job at this location.


Located in Pittsburgh PA – any sponsor except Interexchange!

Need 2 students (boys) for easy food and beverage service!

Start in May until the end of September.

Wage per hour is beginning $ 9.00! Tips! 40 hours per week plus overtime.
FREE meal per shift!
Housing is $ 100 per week!


Kissimmee, Fl -

Need 4 students for upcoming summer -

Available positions are: 3 front of the house (server/cashier), and 1 cook/prep. For the first three good language and communication skills are a must, as well as hospitality. SKYPE interview will be!

The wage for servers is $5.44/h starting 2019 plus tips.

Cashier and prep/cook - $10 per hour, Cashiers have potential for bonus if up selling.

Overtime after 40 hours. Employer will help to find a housing for the students!


Arlington Virginia, need lifeguards –

Job Descriptions:
 - Customer service/desk attendant-Great customers into facility, hand out towels, provide general information on daily activities. Must speak and understand English
 - Lifeguard -Under general supervision of the lifeguard manager, incumbents detect and rescue persons in distress; take command in emergencies; perform first-aid and resuscitation procedures; notify supervisor (s) of accidents and rescues; prepare reports; remove hazards; assist the public and advise visitors of pool rules and regulations, as well as learn to perform maintenance; and other duties as needed.

- General Maintenance Tech-Gather and collect towels, replenish water stations regularly (must have drivers license to drive golf carts) and general swimming pool maintenance.

Wage per hour:
Customer Service Rep-$9.50 per hour
Lifeguard-$10.10 per hour
General maintenance-$10.00 per hour
Hours per week-40 hours-some weeks if volunteer may accrue overtime (no more than 5 hours per week)

Housing: Yes, I will be able to assist in housing, no more than 4 participants per apartment, $110.00 per week for rent. I will also provide transportation to and from work if more than 5 miles from work site.


Virginia Beach, VA, need 10 students for the housekeeping!

$8.50 per hour with a possible raise (if you work well).
40 hours per week plus overtime!
Good opportunity to find a 2nd job.
Housing is approx $100 per week.

You will have a good summer here and will make pretty good money (if you will have 2 jobs).


Oak Island, NC -

Housekeeping & Laundry Attendants - Available Positions 8

Employees will work 2 days per week as housekeepers and 3 days per week in our laundry facility. Housekeeping duties include: cleaning vacation rental units after guests departure. Cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, sweep and mop floors, dust unit, deliver linens and more.

Housekeepers earn a minimum of $12.00 per hour. While working in the laundry facility student will earn $9.00 per hour.
Overtime may be available.

Housing is provided. Each student will have their own bed, if desired. Housing cost is $100.00US per week per student and includes water, electric, TV and internet. Students will be provided bicycles for transportation.