Frequently Asked Questions:

What does my program fee cover?

Lots of great benefits, including all pre-departure and in-country support, a one-week orientation, excursions and meet-ups throughout the year, and coordination of your teaching placement (in a region where most schools require in-person interviews). Keep in mind that you'll earn at least 7,000 RMB per month, which adds up to approximately $5,500 per semester, and you don’t have to pay rent!

Where will I be in China?

Chongqing, Shanghai, Hebei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi or Shandong

How does the application process work?

Our online application is free and easy to complete, and we're always here if you have any questions. Ask us.

What happens after I apply?

After you submit your application, you make a $200 deposit (refundable in most cases if things don't work out) and we make sure you've got everything in order and reach out for a video-chat interview with you. Next, we find you your school!

When do I receive my placement?

Placements are offered about two months before your program starts. This gives you time to complete a TEFL course (we will help you locate a good option) if you haven't already.

What grade level will I teach?

Although most placements are at the secondary level (grades 7 through 12), you may be assigned to teach students of all ages and there are sometimes openings at the kindergarten or primary level. We'll try to accommodate grade level requests, but we can't guarantee we'll be able to find your preferred placement.

What will I earn?

Though some schools may pay more, you'll earn at least 7,000 RMB per month (about $1,100 per month) as of September 2015 and will enjoy free housing.

What happens when I arrive?

We'll greet you at the airport in Kunming and transport you to orientation.

What kind of support is available to me during the program?

In addition to pre-departure support from J1 Abroad, a one-week orientation and excursions provided by our international partner, you can contact your program coordinator at any time for routine matters, questions about teaching or traveling, etc. You'll have a 24-hour emergency contact number as well. Since the program brings teachers back together often for meet-ups or excursions, there will be plenty of time to consult with local support staff.

What will the accommodations be like?

Your school will provide free, furnished accommodations. Examples include studio apartments, school dorms or a shared house (always with a private bedroom). During orientation, you'll stay in a comfortable apartment in downtown Kunming.

Will I have access to the Internet?

In China, broadband Internet is easily accessible; however, the “Great Firewall of China” does block certain websites on random occasions. There are some Internet cafes around, which are inexpensive to use.

Do I need to speak Chinese to participate?

No, although we recommend learning a bit before you travel. You’ll also have some survival lessons during orientation and we can help you get set up with ongoing lessons during your program if you'd like.

What kind of certificate do I need?

You need a certificate showing 140 hours of TESOL Core Certificate Program (TCCP) training. This can include online or live training. Please contact us for more details.

Which vaccinations should I obtain before traveling?

You should be up to date on routine vaccines (measles-mumps-rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, chickenpox and polio). Hepatitis A and Typhoid are also recommended. Please also consult your doctor at least six weeks prior to departure. If you plan to travel outside of the program, please also familiarize yourself with risks in specific travel areas.

How much money should I bring?

We recommend that you have access to about $1,000 since you will not receive your first paycheck until after your first month of teaching.

Am I entitled to take holidays/breaks?

While you will not be able to specify your own holiday days, there are public holidays throughout the program during which you'll receive time off just as your Chinese colleagues do. There are no public religious holidays (such as Christmas), so if you want to take those days off you'll need to discuss this well in advance and apply for unpaid leave.

What is the visa process?

Once accepted to the program you'll receive a Letter of Invitation from China, necessary to apply for your visa. Bring this letter along with other required documents (including a valid passport, an application form and passport photographs) to your local Chinese embassy/consulate. Generally, you'll be able to leave these documents at the embassy and collect your visa within about a week.

Feel free to contact us with the other questions!