Important Documents


- DS-2019 Form: This form is issued by your legal sponsor and is provided to you by your representative in your home country. You will need your DS-2019 Form for your J-1 Visa interview at the U.S. Embassy. When you receive your DS-2019 form, please check that your work dates are correct. If they are incorrect, notify your representative immediately and have them corrected. You will also need to present your DS-2019 form to the immigration officer upon entry to the U.S.


- SEVIS Receipt: You will receive this official receipt along with your DS-2019 Form after your Work & Travel application is successfully processed. You will need to take the sevis receipt with you to your embassy interview.


- Passport and J-1 Visa: You need a valid passport and a valid J-1 Visa in order to enter the U.S. To get your J-1 Visa, you need to contact the U.S. Embassy in your home country and schedule an interview. It’s possible your representative will help you with this, so be sure to ask them. Your J-1 Visa will note whether it is a single entry or multiple entry visa. If you have an M in your J-1 visa this means you can enter the U.S. multiple times. If you have an S in your J-1 Visa this means that you can only enter the U.S. ONLY one time.


- I -94 Arrival Card: The I-94 is a critically important document! You will receive this card on your flight to the U.S. and it is required for the Social Security number application. You should ask the U.S. Customs official to staple your I-94 to your passport once you enter the country. If you lose your I-94 card before you applying for a Social Security number you will need to apply for a replacement I-94 card and this will cause significant time delays. During this time you may not be able to work and it’s very possible you will be required to return home early because of these problems. Please take care of your I-94 card!"


- Customs Declaration Form 6059B: You will receive this card on your flight to the U.S. and must fill it out before going through Customs.


- Insurance ID/Health & Safety Pocket Guide: This guide contains important information about your travel insurance and serves as your insurance card. Write your DS-2019 number on your insurance card in the space titled ‘Member ID.’ When you are in the U.S. keep this card with you at all times, since it will be required if you seek medical assistance. Your Health & Safety guide also contains useful health and safety tips.


- Getting Started Guide: This guide provides you with useful instructions on how to successfully start your Work & Travel USA program. It includes information and reminders for getting through customs, finding housing, applying for your Social Security Number, and more.


- Employment Offer Agreement Form (EOAF): This document is your job agreement with your employer. It indicates the details of your job and the dates you have agreed to work. The immigration officer may ask you to present this form upon entry to the U.S.