Work and Travel USA placement:

Job Offer price is $200 for J1 agencies (our partners)
$250 for International students (individual applicants)

J1 Internship/Trainee placement:

$350 - most positions are in hospitality field

Sometimes we have DISCOUNTS (ask us)

You have to make a payment after Job Offer's verification by the sponsor

Dear agencies, the resumes you send us have to be in this format or similar to it (click on the red button).
Then your students will have a better chance to get a job. Thank you!  


Hiring seasons

Students are allowed to work in USA for 3-4 months, with an extra month for traveling.
Student program dates depend on varied academic calendars around the world and university rules.
Summer - May to October/ Winter - December to April/ Spring - March to June


Ocean City, Maryland -

Pizza place is looking for J1 students!

Looking for 12 summer employees

Positions - 
10 cashiers $13.25 + tips ($17+)
6 cooks $13.5-$14 (overtime possible for cooks $20.25)

40 hours per week with a possible overtime.

Easy to find 2nd job, employer will help with accommodation!


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -

Sports shop needs J1 students for the summer!

Must be willing to sell goods in the store. Video call interview.

$12.00 per hour with an overtime availability. With a good performance will get $13.00 plus overtime (1.5 times)

Housing is 100 dollars per week.

Very easy to find a 2nd job.


Aurora, Colorado (suburb of Denver) -
Fast food place is looking for 20 J1 students to work as a Crew Team Member (May 2023 through October 2023)

Cashiers and kitchen -
The position is full time and the pay is $19.00 per hour.
40 hours plus overtime is available.
Employer will provide transportation to and from the work location.
Good opportunity to find 2nd job!

Housing -
The approximate weekly cost of housing is $175.00

But students are good to find their own accommodation!


Several locations -
Employer need J1 students for the summer season 2023!


Kerrville, TX: 40 hours p/week. $13 p/hour. Park services, activites, food service or call it campground attendant.

Waller, TX: 40 hours p/week. Currently $9-$11, looking to bump to $13 p/hour. Aquatics and housekeeping.

Ossipee, NH: 40 hours p/week. Currently $12.50 p/hour, looking to bump to $14. Housekeeping, park services or call it campground attendant.

Fremont, IN: 40 hours p/week. $13 p/hour. Housekeeping, Park Services & Snack Bar or call it campground attendant.

North Lawrence, OH: 40 hours p/week. $13 p/hour. Housekeeping, guest services, food service or call it Campground attendant.


Big Sky, Montana -
Hotel is looking for 8 J1 students!

Positions -
Housekeepers & laundry attendants.
$17-$19 depending on experience and 40 hours per week with a possible overtime.

Housing will at a rate of $75 per week ($300 per month) and there will be on average 3 in a room.

This option is good for those students who love nature!


Chalmette, Louisiana -
School uniforms and t-shirts sales rep needed during summer season!

Tasks include assisting customers, operating point of sale system, computer and office tasks, general cleaning of the store, stock work, and counting inventory.

32 - 54 hours per week. varies based on peak season. They will required to work 6 days per week for a two week period when we are busiest.
Employer is willing to pay between $7.25 and $2.00 per hour based on intelligence, fluency, etc.

Employer will assist to find accommodation.


Twin Mountain, New Hampshire -
Small restaurant is looking for J1 students!

Wage per hour: $14.00
Hours per week: 35-40
Duties: Individuals are responsible for the maintaining and execution of one food preparation stations, executing to-go based food orders, taking incoming phone and in person orders into the cash register and cash handling.

Accommodation is free: standard motel room where they will be working. The room has a private bathroom (stand up shower, sink and toilet with hot and cold water) and is a 18X18 size room. Seeking two individuals that will be staying in the same room together but we will provide two twin beds.


Northwood, New Hampshire -
Hotel is looking for J1 students!

Employer is looking for 2 students during the summer season.
Pay is $12 per hr and free housing
On-site. Each student will have a private bedroom with queen bed, mini fridge, microwave, smart tv.
Duties include housekeeping guest rooms, service desk and delivering food, also laundry duties.
Looking for 40 hrs a week and overtime if necessary.


Chicago, Illinois -
Hostel is looking for 2 J1 students

$15 per hour with opportunity for growth.
32 hours per week.
Very easy to find 2nd job!

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
- answering phone calls
- answering emails in a timely manner
- manage guest reservations
- answering any questions that a guest may have.
- office cleaning
- bed changing
- bathroom cleaning
- must be able to work independently and finish any tasks assigned to you
- must also be able to work as a team to complete bigger projects
- outdoor cleaning

For accomodation employer can offer temporary while the employee looks for an apartment or housing.

Hampton, New Hampshire -
Restaurant and hotel are looking for summer students -

8 Food runners - $12/h plus tips (3% of food sales)
6 Bussers - $12/h plus tips
4 Dishwashers - $15/h
6 Prep cooks - $14/h
12 Cooks - $16/h - must have experience!
6 Housekeepers - $12/h plus tips.
All the positions get overtime.
Last summer the average overtime was 20 hours per person so it's 60 hours of work per week!

Housing is provided only for cooks for FREE! Students from the other positions will have to find accommodation by themselves.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -

Amusement park has different jobs for J1 students:

Ride operator, food and beverage server

$11.00 per hour, 35-40 hours per week.

Employer will help to find accommodation, but does not provide housing.

In this location it's easy to find a 2nd job, we also help to find it there.

Mashpee, MA -
Restaurant needs employees for the summer of 2023!

Wage per hour is $15.00 with a possible raise. 45-50 hours per week!
3-4 cooks with experience. Pizza making experience the most important.
Making pizzas and cooking them for service.
1-2 dishwashers. Washing dishes, pans, doing some food preparation. Based on skill we see when they start.

No housing but it's easy to find it and we will help!
125 dollars per week approx.

Beach Haven, New Jersey -
Fashion jewelry and beachwear

Need 2 sales persons (girls or boys)

$13.00 an hour pay with 40 hours per week overtime available
Tips available!
Housing has 4 beds 2 beds in each room

Housing price is $400 per month ($100 per week)
Small cottage type place.

Ogunquit, Maine -

Notes from employer:
We need kitchen staff, up to 40 hours a week, $20 per hour with experience, $18 without but after training we would consider a raise to $20 plus.

Food runner, deliver food to tables and light bussing, $13 per hour plus tips.

Servers, with at least some experience, $6.34 plus tips, generally @$200 plus a night.

Housing is available. Approx price is $125 per week.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -
Restaurant need 2-3 cooks!

$11-$13 and hour.
No tips. Easy to find 2nd job!
40 hours a week.

Housing is not available but we assist to find it.

Golf club is located 90 min from New York City and 30 min from Stamford, CT!

Start date 15th-25th of May, end date - 15th of September approx.
Any sponsor except Interexchange!

Need 2-3 students (girls or boys) for food and beverage service to work with club members and guests!
Wage per hour is $15.00, overtime available!
FREE meal per shift!
Skype interview will be.
Housing is $100 per week, 2 min walk from the golf club!


Niagara Falls , NY USA

Hotel and restaurant are looking for 5-15 J1 students to work as Team Members (May 2022 through October 2022).

1-2 Guest Service Representative, 4-5 Housekeeping, and 2-3 Baristas, 2-3 Cooks(kitchen staff) ,4-5 waiters, waitresses, bus staff -
The position is Full-Time, and the pay is $8.70 plus tips to $15.00 per hour (depending on position).
May to September 35-40hrs a week. Overtime is possible.

Employer helps students with a housing, It's 300 per month.


Stanley, Idaho -
American lodge is looking for summer applicants!

It's in the dark sky "no light pollution" reserve and has many unique opportunities! Beautiful nature.

Pay can be anywhere between 13-17 depending on position and experience.
Hours are 45-55 a week. If student want more hours, there is almost always work to be done.
17 positions available (mostly at the kitchen).
Dates - on May 20-28 and work up to the end of September.

Housing -
Room and board is 10 dollars a day. It includes 3 meals as well as access to small snacks and a salad bar during the day.
Students will have access to many wilderness activities, often either free or discounted for employees.

Washington, D.C -

Hourly rate will be $19.
Front office agent/night audit position will be full time which means as a minimum of 32 hours a week, but will most likely be 40 hours a week.

Duties - Greets and registers guests, provides prompt and courteous service, and closes out guest accounts upon completion of stay, as well as ensuring the guest has an exceptional stay, to meet hotel’s high standards of quality.

As for accommodations the hotel will provide two weeks of boarding in the hotel. HC manager will assist to find apartments in the area which are near the mass transit train station.


Rehoboth Beach, Delaware -
Employer is looking for 3 Kitchen, 3 host, and 5 servers
Pay rates -

Kitchen $17/Hr, Host $13/hr plus tips (average addtional $3-$5 an hour), and servers $2.23 plus tips.

All employees will have 35-40 hours per week! Overtime is possible.
Easy to find a 2nd job + our agency will help!

Housing - Employer will assist in finding it (he has contacts in the area).