Work and Travel USA placement:

Job Offer price is $200 for J1 agencies (our partners)
$250-$350 for International students (individual applicants)

J1 Internship/Trainee placement:

$350 - most positions are in hospitality field

Sometimes we have DISCOUNTS (ask us)

You have to make a payment after Job Offer's verification by the sponsor

Dear agencies, the resumes you send us have to be in this format or similar to it (just click on the red button).
Then your students will have a better chance to get a job. Thank you!  


Hiring seasons

Students are allowed to work in USA for 3-4 months, with an extra month for traveling.
Student program dates depend on varied academic calendars around the world and university rules.
Summer - May to October/ Winter - December to April/ Spring - March to June

Chautauqua, New York (good working conditions) -
Restaurant need wait staff, kitchen help and housekeepers!

Wage is $8 per hour plus tips in cash.
Duties - serve at guest tables for servers, clean guest rooms for housekeeper and help prep foods and clean for kitchen staff.
Work is about 35 to 40 hours per week .

Housing and food is $29 per day!
Students can make their housing and food with ONE table of tip.


Rehoboth beach, DE or Ocean city, MD - Lifeguards!

Wage: $12.00/hr + BONUS! 40 hours per week!
Minimum level of English - Intermediate; must be able to dive to a depth of three (3) meters and retrieve a submerged, five (5) kilogram weighted object, tread water for two (2) minutes without using your hands (legs only), and swim 300 meters without stopping using freestyle and breaststroke; must be in good physical shape, honest, ethical person of good moral character and do your best in this job.
Сertificate is free for those who will stay until the end of the season!
Employer can pick up students at the airport. Housing is 110 dollars per week!

Harwich, Massachusetts (Cape Cod) -
Restaurant need seasonal employees!

6 positions available - Prep Cook/Line Cook/Pizza Maker
Hourly rate: $16
Overtime Rate: $24
40-60 hours a week are available

Employer do not provide housing but can assist in helping locally.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware -

Employer is looking for 3 Kitchen, 3 host, and 5 servers
Pay rates -

Kitchen $16/Hr, Host $13/hr plus tips (average addtional $3-$5 an hour), and servers $2.23 plus tips.

All employees will have 35-40 hours per week! Overtime is possible.
Easy to find a 2nd job + our agency will help!
Housing - Employer will assist in finding it (he has contacts in the area).

Virginia Beach, Virginia (No Interexchange) -

Summer clothing and beach stuff store need J1 STUDENTS!
The wage per hour will be $10 (with a possible raise) depending on how good the person is working as a salesperson.
40 hours a week , 6 days a week, 1 day off.
Easy to find 2nd job!

Employer will help with housing! Approx $100/week.

Block Island, Rhode Island (restaurant) -

Need kitchen staff!

Cook - preparing foods to order during service per chef’s specifications. Maintain clean work area, be able to follow direction and work as a team. Must have previous kitchen experience. $12.25/hour with room for raise if earned.

Dishwasher - maintaining cleanliness in fast-paced kitchen. Operating commercial dishwasher, washing pots/pans, plates, glassware, organizing all items in kitchen, handling trash disposal. No experience required $12.25/hour.

40 hours per week with a possible overtime. FREE meals!
All positions offer shared-room, dormitory style housing for $85/week.

Harwich Port, MA (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) -

Pay ranges from $14.25 (raise is possible).
Restaurant is looking for 4-6 employees: line cooks, prep cooks, and other kitchen help. No experience is necessary (employer will train). It’s a fun place to work with good vibes and good people.
Open from 7am until 12pm or 1am, many different shifts available. The students would be able to work as many hours as they would like with a minimum of 35hrs per week.

Housing are new dorm rooms that were built in 2019. It would be two students per room and four to a bathroom. Kitchens and laundry are onsite. The housing is walking distance and getting around on a bike would be easy. Housing is $160 per week.

Lavallette, NJ -

Looking for 6 students for Summer 2022 for front of house work.

Pay rate is $13/hour (up to $14 if applicants have barista experience) with tips averaging an additional $3/hour

    Girls preferred but not a requirement
    English a must!
    Barista experience a plus
    Knowing how to handle money and make change

    40 hours (overtime opportunities for the right employees)
    Set hours, either 5:00am-12pm; 11am-6pm; or 2pm-9:30pm
    If students have barista experience we have a specialty coffee bar they will be working at
    Helping customers, packaging baked goods, using a register, light cleaning
    Jersey Shore 1 block from beach
    Must work through September 5, after September 5th limited hours are optional
    Fun work environment, great English practice, will be working side by side with 30 or more American employees (mostly students)

    Housing is 100 dollars per week approx!
    It is about a 15 minute bike ride to the bakery and one block from the beach.
Lavallette, NJ is not far from New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC!


Italian Gelato shop needs 5 in total J1 students!

3 for barista/gelato - for different shift, with great references and immediately available. The candidate will be very positive, outgoing, and extremely clean.
2 kitchen assistants also needed: 13-14 dollars per hour!

Skills required:
- availability 40 hours a week (some nights and weekends included)
- detail oriented
- real hard worker
- awesome, warm and genuine customer service
- ready to absorb the Gorgeous Gelato philosophy

Pay : $12.00 + tips - 40 hours a week with a possible overtime!
Employer will help with accommodation (he has some options).

Nags Head, North Carolina -
Look to hire deli workers and cashiers.

The rate of pay is $12.00 per hour plus overtime with average weeks being 50 hours.
Deli workers must prep food, make salads including mixing of same, order taking, sandwich making as well.
Cashiers wait on customers, bag groceries, stock merchandise.
Must have good but not excellent English skills.
FREE meals!

Housing is available on site.

Champaign, Illinois -

Employer will need J1 students for these positions -
Bussing, kitchen helper, cleaning dishes, sushi helper.
Wages $12.00 to $15 based on the experience.
40 plus hours a week with a possible overtime. FREE meals!

Employer will also provide FREE housing!


Hampton, New Hampshire -
Restaurant and hotel are looking for summer students -

8 Food runners - $12/h plus tips (3% of food sales)
6 Bussers - $12/h plus tips
4 Dishwashers - $13/h
6 Prep cooks - $12/h
12 Cooks - $14/h
6 Housekeepers - $12/h plus tips.
All the positions get overtime.
Last summer the average overtime was 20 hours per person so it's 60 hours of work per week!

Housing is not provided but we will help to find it! Employer might be assisting too.


Newport, Rhode Island -
Retail sales for souvenir store need 10 J1 applicants -

Wage is $15-16 per hour;
40 hours per week and employer will give overtime if needed.
Duties include ringing up customers, restocking inventory and overall cleanliness of the store.

Lots of options to find 2nd job!
Preferably girls but boys with a very good English will be considered too.
Level 7 English a must. Fun atmosphere!

No housing! We will be helping to find it.
In previous years all our J1 students found accommodation in this area.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -
Burger places would like to hire J1 students for the summer of 2022
Cashiers and cooks needed!

Number of positions – 12
Wage per hour - $13.00
Quantity of hours per week – 35+
Overtime is possible!
Free meals! Easy to find 2nd job!

Housing is very easy to find in this area. We will help with the options!

Kalispell, Montana -

Housekeeping job for those who like the nature:
12 students needed (4 for each hotel).

Start dates are flexible.

9.50 dollars per hour with a possible raise up to 11.00 dollars per hour!
40 hours per week with a possible overtime (plus 5-10 hours)
Accommodation is $100 per week.

Amenia, New York -
Only 2 hours from New York City!

Pizza place needs 4-6 J1 students:
$7.50/hour for tipped employees (servers, bussers) approx $200 per shift.
$15-$20 for kitchen staff (depends on experience)
40 hours per week and employer offers OVERTIME!
Job will consist of working at a restaurant and movie theatre. Making food, serving food, customer service, tickets, cleaning, organizing, in a very fun and exciting family style business environment.

Housing is $100-$120 per week. It's a furnished shared house where students will live.


Beach Haven, New Jersey -
Amusement park is looking for J1 students!

$13.00 per hour with an average of 35-40 hours plus summer bonus!
Hiring game attendants, food and beverage attendants, arcade attendants and ride attendants.
All must have a high level of English and want to live near the beach.
Start the job until July 4th and work at least until September 15th!

Housing -
Large house with multiple bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen and wi-fi. It is within walking distance to work and the beach
A housing cost of $100 is taken out per week with a $50 refund for each payment at the end of the summer. Actual cost to student is $50 per week!

Employer will have several trips and social events though out the summer as well as regular shopping trips students can sign up for.
Uniform - sneakers, tan colored pants, short.

Meals are discounted during working hours at our Food & Beverage facilities. Most menu items are available to team members at a 50% discount.

North Conway, New Hampshire -

Housekeeping job!
Employer would want to hire 10-12 J1 students.
Wage: $12 per hour
Description: Perform all areas of housekeeping, including cleaning rooms, stocking closets, laundry, etc. Perform many areas in restaurants, including breakfast cook, dinner prep cook dish washing, serving, buffet stocking, bar back, server assistance.

There is a lodging for students at $75 per week.
Employer will help to find a 2nd job.

Winchester, Virginia -

Employer is interested in Thai students only!

Need servers! Wage is $2.13 plus tips ($100-$150 per shift).

$11.00 per hour is guaranteed!

40 hours per week with a possible overtime.

2nd job is available.



Cody, WY -
Good option for those who likes the nature!

3.25$ per hour plus tips, server position.
Hire students, we have positions for pizza cook, waitress, and dish washer.

Cody is the gate way to Yellowstone National Park and is a tourist town with approx 5 million visitors per year. There are approx 200 - 400 j1 visa students during the summer months.

Housing -

Employer will provide a three bedroom home for five students to share, 400.00 per month.