Here you can find all jobs we have at the moment -

The price for this season is:

$200 per placement (Job Offer) - for J1 agencies (our partners)

$250 - for International students (individual applicants)

Sometimes we have DISCOUNTS (ask us)

You have to make a payment after Job Offer's verification by the sponsor

Dear agencies, the resumes you send us have to be in this format or similar to it (just click on the red button).
Then your students will have a better chance to get a job. Thank you!  


Hiring seasons

Students are allowed to work in USA for 3-4 months, with an extra month for traveling.
Student program dates depend on varied academic calendars around the world and university rules.
Summer - May to October/ Winter - December to April/ Spring - March to June


North Wildwood, NJ -
Gaming resort will hire boys and girls!

POSITIONS​: Crew member: redemption & counter clerks for females, males assist customers on the floor.
WAGE​: $12 per hour and 32 - 40 hours per week. Overtime is possible!
QUALIFICATIONS​: Conversational English; SKYPE interview will be!
START DATES: May 15th to June15th (must stay until September).
WORK SCHEDULES​: 5 -6 days per week; 6-8 hours per day
HOUSING COSTS​: $100 per week

Easy to find 2nd job!


Ocean City, Maryland -
Hotel is looking for 10 J1 students!

Housekeeping and Front Desk Agents
Pay rate - $13.00/HR.
40 hours per week with a possible overtime!
Easy to find 2nd job (our agency will help too).

Employer has accommodation with a price of $100 per week!


North Myrtle Beach, SC -

Ride Operator - Attraction Attendant
Wage: $9 hour. 40 hours per week. Overtime possible!
Easy to find 2nd job.

Employer has no accommodation but it's easy to find it in Myrtle Beach.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Restaurant needs 4-6 J1 students

Food runners and kitchen support staff

(sometimes it's possible to have server shifts)

Wage is $12 per hour with no deductions

40 hours per week with a possible overtime!

No housing! But it's easy to find it, we have contacts!


Surfside beach, South Carolina -

Restaurant is looking for summer employees:

- Wait staff 20 positions (boys and girls) $2.13 + tips

- Hostess & gift shop (6 positions) $9.50 + tips option
- Bussers 6 (boys and girls) $9.50 + tips option
- Bartender 2 (boys and girls) $10 + tips
- Dishwashers 6-8 (boys only) $9.50 + tips option
- Kitchen help 4 (boys and girls) $9.50 + tips option

Housing - walking distance to work.

$300 deposit $90 per week. Fully furnished all utilities are included!


Rehoboth Beach, Delaware -

Ice Cream Store

Full time (40 hours per week) jobs at a beginning rate of $12.00 per hour.

Duties - to register clerks, dipping ice cream, etc. They must wear a mask (that we provide) at all times.

The student housing is close by (an easy bike ride, or public transportation). The cost of the housing was $1100 for the season (paid weekly), which can obviously be averaged out to a much lower rate, based on how long they can stay.


Old Orchard Beach, Maine -

Employer is looking for 2-4 girls and 2-3 boys in the store for making subs, pizzas, stocking beer, cleaning, preparing/cutting veggie.

Wage starts at $12.15/hour and sometimes tips available.
40 hours per week and overtime is available.
In July and August J1 students can work as many hours as they wish!

Employer will help with accommodation to students (they help to find housing every year).


Harwich Massachusetts (Cape Cod) -
Restaurant need seasonal employees!

Positions available - Prep Cook/Line Cook/Pizza Maker/Dishwasher

Hourly rate: $14
Overtime Rate: $21
40-60 hours a week are available

Employer do not provide housing but can assist in helping locally.


Ocean Beach, New York - Fire Island

5-10 female students needed.
This is a house cleaning position.
Starting wage is $14 an hour plus time and a half for overtime, anything over 40 hours. There would be approx 50 hours per week, sometimes even 60 so students should expect hard work and lots of overtime!

Fire Island is a very safe and special place on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a beautiful and unique place.

Accommodation is $110 per week which will come out of paycheck.
The students will live only a five minute walk from the beach as well as many shops and restaurants. Five bedroom house with a kitchen, two bathrooms, and living room with television and internet.


Lavallette, NJ -
Retail bakery need 3-4 J1 students to fill “kitchen help” positions!

40 hours a week with a starting pay rate of $11.10/hour plus tips (averaging $2-3 per hour extra).
Early morning hours to help set up bakery store front. Helping customers, using a cash register, making coffee, and light cleaning. Wage could be raised if employee handling the job well!

Also, there is a coffee bar and if any students have experience being a barista, employer can offer a barista position at $12/hour.

Housing is 100 dollars per week approx!
It is about a 15 minute bike ride to the bakery and one block from the beach.

Lavallette, NJ is not far from New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC!


Kalispell, Montana -

Hotel, housekeeping, good conditions for work!

Wage - $8.75 per hour plus $4.00 per room (average - 20 rooms per day) which means that 1 student can earn 150 dollars per day and 750$ per week!

35-40 Hours per week

Employer will have accommodation for them at 2 people per room at $400 per month (it means that 1 person will pay 100$ per week).


Gulf Shores, Alabama -
Seasonal restaurant is looking for staff!

9 Busser positions with a wage of $8, tips are available.
8 Dishwasher positions with a wage of $12.
3 Line Cook positions with a wage of $12.
6 Food Runner positions with a wage of $8, tips are available.
6 Server positions with a wage of $8, tips are available.

Employer doesn't have accommodation but it's easy to find it. Lots of options on etc


Healy, Alaska -

For those who would want to see Alaska!

Housekeeping. Wages - $10.39/hr plus a $5/hr completion bonus for every hour worked except overtime hours. On site single occupancy housing is available for $15.00 per day. Tips are available!
40 hours per week plus overtime!
Dates - May 15-25th to September 15-20th.

Job Description - Cleaning up to 16 rooms in 8 hours including: cleaning the bathroom (walls, toilet, bathtub/shower, sink, floors, mirrors, baseboard heaters, shower curtains, etc) stripping and making beds, dusting all surfaces, vacuuming, cleaning mirrors/windows, cleaning dresser drawers, refrigerators, coffee pots, and microwaves. Helping customers as needed, stocking housekeeper carts, laundry, and re-stocking rooms with amenities (clean towels, tissue, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and coffee). Extra projects as needed.


Talkeetna, Alaska (opportunity to earn good money) -

Hotel need 2 girls -
The rate would be $10.20/hour for the first 40 hours a week and $15.30/hour for any hour after that.
Employer will give approx 60 hours of work to students.

Students need to have a good English, if older than 21 then can work at the bar (with tips).


Beach Haven, New Jersey -
Fashion jewelry and beachwear
Need 1-2 sales persons (girls or boys)

$11.10 an hour pay with overtime available
Housing cost is 90 dollar a week deducted from paycheck
Tips available
Housing has 4 beds 2 beds in each room
Small cottage type place.


Cody, Wyoming (for those who likes the nature) –
Very close to Yellowstone National park!

Employer will ask for video resume.
$9/hr and 40 hours per week. Overtime is possible.
Housekeeping , dishes, bussing, cleaning, etc. Work will be different, basically it's help to the owner.
Bonus could be available in the end of the season.



Locust Valley, NY -
Golf club is looking for summer employees!
Positions - cooks, dishwashers, housekeeping, waitstaff!

Great working conditions -
$14.00 per hour with a possible raise. Overtime is possible.
Free housing. SKYPE interview!
New York City is only 45 min by car!


James Island, SC, restaurant needs people (No Interexchange) -

5 servers:
Pay rate is $7.25 in hour as server trainee once they trained goes to $2.13 in hour+tips (server averaging $100-150 per shift).
Shifts available morning 6am-2pm, evenings 4pm-10pm.
Primary Responsibilities: To serve food, drinks, and to accommodate guests needs in a courteous and timely manner.

2 cooks:
Pay rate is $10 per hour. Work with grill, flat top, fryer. And preparation of food.

Full time is 40 hours a week, overtime is available as well!

Employer will help to find accommodation.


Rehoboth beach, DE and Ocean city, MD - 2 locations for lifeguards

Wage for Ocean city, MD: $11.75/hr and $9.25 for Rehoboth beach, DE
BONUS is available! 40 hours per week!

Minimum level of English - Intermediate; must be able to dive to a depth of three (3) meters and retrieve a submerged, five (5) kilogram weighted object, tread water for two (2) minutes without using your hands (legs only), and swim 300 meters without stopping using freestyle and breaststroke; must be in good physical shape, honest, ethical person of good moral character and do your best in this job.
Сertificate is free for those who will stay until the end of the season!

Employer can pick up students at the airport. Housing is 100 dollars per week!


Kitty Hawk, North Carolina -

Retail sales of beach equipment.
Handle cash and credit payments.
Assist customers with equipment selections.
Restock shelves as necessary and assist with inventory.

The pay is $20-30 per hour!
Employer needs up to 6 students. 35-40 hours per week!
It is a very physical job. Need strong young men willing to work hard.

Employer will help with a housing! Approx price 100 dollars per week!