Work and Travel USA placement:

Job Offer price is $200 for J1 agencies (our partners)
$250 for International students (individual applicants)

J1 Internship/Trainee placement:

$350 - most positions are in hospitality field

Sometimes we have DISCOUNTS (ask us)

You have to make a payment after Job Offer's verification by the sponsor

Dear agencies, the resumes you send us have to be in this format or similar to it (click on the red button).
Then your students will have a better chance to get a job. Thank you!  


Hiring seasons

Students are allowed to work in USA for 3-4 months, with an extra month for traveling.
Student program dates depend on varied academic calendars around the world and university rules.
Summer - May to October/ Winter - December to April/ Spring - March to June

Every year wages will change to higher in some states, as there is specific date for a raise - students might want to check minimum wage in Google



Missoula, Montana -
MOTEL need seasonal employees!

2 positions available - HOUSEKEEPING (CLEANING ROOMS)
Hourly rate: $12.00
40 hours a week are available

Employer do provide housing -


Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Hotel is looking for 4 housekeepers with hourly pay grate $12 per hour.

The main duty is: Cleans and sanitizes hotel and guest rooms. Vacuums and sweeps floors, carpets, and rugs. Makes beds and changes linens. Cleans and sanitizes bathrooms, showers, toilets, sinks, and countertops. Replenishes toiletries and towels.

Work schedule: 9am -4pm Sunday-Friday. Wednesday and Saturday are days OFF.

Employer also will provide a accommodation for our workers for $70 per week.


Ocean City, Maryland -
Employer (cafe) is looking for 2-4 employees to hire, preferably girls!

$15.00 per hour, 35-40 hours per week with a possible overtime.
Very simple work. Making lattes, blended drinks, simple breakfast sandwiches, fruit bowls, ice cream.

Light cleaning duties! Fun place to be at!! 

Location is great!
There are lots of opportunities to find 2nd job.
Lots of options for housing too! Price is approx $100 per week.


Several restaurants in Wildwood, New Jersey need J1 students for the summer season!
Employer will be offering 40–60 hours a week for all positions.

Wildwood, NJ -
2 Cooks ($15 hourly)
4 Bussers ( $6 hourly plus tips, tips very from $10-20 hourly)
3 Food Runners, ( Run food from kitchen to table, $10 hourly plus tips, tips vary from $6-10 hourly)
3 Hosts ( $15 hourly)

1 Cook ($15 hourly)
4 Bussers ( $6 hourly plus tips, tips very from $10-20 hourly)
1 Food Runners, ( Run food from kitchen to table, $10 hourly plus tips, tips vary from $6-10 hourly)
2 Hosts ( $15 Hourly)

3 Cooks ($15 hourly)
2 Bussers ( $6 hourly plus tips, tips very from $10-20 hourly)
1 Food Runners, ( Run food from kitchen to table, $10 hourly plus tips, tips vary from $6-10 hourly)
2 Hosts ( $15 Hourly)

Stone Harbor, NJ
4 Cook ($15 hourly)
4 Bussers ( $6 hourly plus tips, tips very from $10-20 hourly)
1 Food Runners, ( Run food from kitchen to table, $10 hourly plus tips, tips vary from $6-10 hourly)
1 Hosts ( $15 Hourly)

No housing, students will have to find it!

Harwich, Massachusetts (Cape Cod) -
Restaurant need seasonal employees!

6 positions available - Prep Cook/Dishwasher/Pizza Maker
Hourly rate: $18 for cook and $20 for dishwasher
Overtime Rate: $27
40-60 hours a week are available

Employer do not provide housing but employer has contacts in town!


Seaside Heights, New Jersey -
The job description is salesperson greet customers and help fill the shelves.

3 positions are available!
Wage is $15.00 per hour - guarantee 40 hours minimum - of course there is always the possibility of overtime.
Employer would prefer to hire females.

Employer would assist with accommodation. Approx price would be 130-150 dollars per week.


Lake City, Colorado -
Restaurant/Bar is looking for servers, bartenders, cooks, prep cook, host, dishwasher & busser.

Need 8-10 employees!
Multiple available positions such as Bartenders for our bar ($11.40/h plus tips), Cooks for our restaurant ($14.42/h plus tips), Housekeepers for our lodge ($14.42/h) and Cashiers for our t-shirt&toy store ($14.42/h).
40 hours per week and overtime is available in busy summer months!

Duties would include waiting on customers, food prep, keeping areas clean, stocking supplies, sweeping, mopping, and all duties required for hired position.

Good opportunity to find 2nd jobs!

Housing is provided by owners for FREE!


Big Indian, New York

Need cooks, servers - 1 position is available!

Approximately 35-45 hours per week.

$15/hour with a possible raise!

Housing assistance provided - $200 per month!

(The restaurant maintains a one-bedroom, fully furnished apartment with separate entrance/lock, with fully equipped kitchen, living room with TV, and bathroom)

Sioux Falls, South Dakota -
Restaurant needs a 3 J1 students to hire!

$15.50/per hour and 40hrs a week, and $500 bonus at the end of their contract.
Over time is available!
Job Decription;
- Running Cash Register
- Prep Sandwich, Smoothie, Salad
- Delivering food to the customers

Housing is 50-70 dollars per week/person.

Chautauqua, New York (good working conditions) -
Restaurant need wait staff, kitchen help and housekeepers! 10 positions

Wage is $8 per hour plus tips in cash.
Duties - serve at guest tables for servers, clean guest rooms for housekeeper and help prep foods and clean for kitchen staff.
Work is about 35 to 40 hours per week .

Housing and food is $29 per day!
Students can make their housing and food with ONE table of tip.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine -

Employer is looking for 2-4 girls and 2-3 boys in the store for making subs, pizzas, stocking beer, cleaning, preparing/cutting veggie.

Wage starts at $14.15/hour and sometimes tips available.
40 hours per week and overtime is available.
In July and August J1 students can work as many hours as they wish!

Employer will help with accommodation to students (they help to find housing every year).


Stevens Point, Wisconsin -
Campground is looking for J1 students.

Positions -
Kitchen staff and housekeeping.
Rate is $13/hour and housing is provided on site FREE of charge.
40-60 hours per week. Overtime can be up to 30 hours (that's 70 hours of work per week).


Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
6 Crew members needed!

Wages - $14-$15 per hour
Hours - 40/week
8-10 hour shifts
A Crew member will prepare high-quality pizzas according to customers' orders for our Pigeon Forge, Tn location. We provide hands on as well as video training. The crew members responsibilities will include preparing pizza dough, cutting, or slicing various ingredients to be used as toppings. You should also be able to maintain a clean workstation at all times.

Responsibilities include:
- Prep of fresh ingredients
- Making of the dough
- Preparing pizza
- Dish washing
- Help in keeping the store clean and organized

Housing in not including.


Northwood, New Hampshire -
Hotel is looking for J1 students!

Employer is looking for 2 students during the summer season.
Pay is $15 per hr and free housing
On-site. Each student will have a private bedroom with queen bed, mini fridge, microwave, smart tv.
Duties include housekeeping guest rooms, service desk and delivering food, also laundry duties.
Looking for 40 hrs a week and overtime if necessary.


Carlisle, Pennsylvania -


Front desk & Housekeeping positions for J1 students available!
Wages - $12 per hour
Hours - 40/week
8 hours shift
Comments from employer -
We are looking for a capable, energetic person to join our team to help run the day-to-day operations of our Best Western hotel.
We will Provide accommodation if required for free!

Grand Lake, Colorado -

Need 3 students - cooks and front of house (hostess and servers)

Hostess and servers will make $10.00 plus tips!
Cooks - pay will start at $14.50 and go up depending on experience.
Line cook- take food orders out for customers in a fast paced environment. Work with grill, flat top, fryer. And preparation of food. Will be trained by top chef!

Hours will be 35-40 hours a week minimum plus possible overtime.

Housing provided, rent will be 300 a month.


Newport, Rhode Island -
Retail sales for souvenir store need 10 J1 applicants -

Wage is $15-16 per hour;
40 hours per week with a possible overtime.
Duties include ringing up customers, restocking inventory and overall cleanliness of the store.

Lots of options to find 2nd job!
Preferably girls but boys with a very good English will be considered too.
Level 7 English a must. Fun atmosphere!

No housing! We will be helping to find it.
In previous years all our J1 students found accommodation in this area.


Emerald Isle, North Carolina -
Hotel - housekeeping positions

7 room attendant/housekeepers for 4 months in the high summer season- from May thru August but could also could go through September.

Wages are $15.00 per hours with a $400 per month stipend being paid back to the hotel for housing on site. Housing includes electricity, cable TV, Internet access and Water. Beds, sheets, and towels are also provided with double occupancy being a must.

Commonly 8-hour shifts, 5 days a week with the opportunity to cross train and earn overtime.

Newport, Rhode Island –
4-5 positions, easy to find a 2nd job!

Pay is $18.00 (including tips) per hour, 40 hours per week! Overtime is available.

Position is serving customers ice cream, working registers, serving beverages and chocolates.

Requires conversational English.
No housing but in Newport it's not too hard to find it!


Lander, Wyoming -
Hotel is looking for 4 J1 students to hire!
Housekeeping position for 3-4 months.

Wages - $15/hour
Hours - 40/week
8 hour shifts

Housing is $100 per person per week. 2 students per room!