Work and Travel USA placement:

Job Offer price is $200 for J1 agencies (our partners)
$250 for International students (individual applicants)

J1 Internship/Trainee placement:

$350 - most positions are in hospitality field

Sometimes we have DISCOUNTS (ask us)

You have to make a payment after Job Offer's verification by the sponsor

Dear agencies, the resumes you send us have to be in this format or similar to it (click on the red button).
Then your students will have a better chance to get a job. Thank you!  


Hiring seasons

Students are allowed to work in USA for 3-4 months, with an extra month for traveling.
Student program dates depend on varied academic calendars around the world and university rules.
Summer - May to October/ Winter - December to April/ Spring - March to June


Several locations available - Atlanta, Georgia and Destin, Florida
It is a Counter sales position

Pay is $12/hour in Atlanta and $13/hour in Destin -
If the individual works 5 days per week, they would work approximately 35 hours per week, however applicants can work more if they want.

Employer is willing to assist with the housing.

Chevy Chase, Maryland -

12 months program:
Position: Guest Service Agent (Front-Desk)

Hourly wage: $18.50 USD per hour
Number of Applicants needed: 2 to 3

Lodging: 30 days of free lodging in extended stay hotel (then J1 participants will have to find their own housing).

York Harbor, Maine -

Resort place is looking for J1 applicants -

40 hours per week with a possible overtime!

- Housekeeper @ $14/hr, 40hrs/week

- Line Cook @ 16-17/hr, 40hrs/week

- Housing is provided for males within walking distance of the hotel @ $75/week, everything included.

- Housing is provided for females as well, 15 min drive (provided by Hotel) from the hotel, everything included.


Union Dale, Pennsylvania -
Resort is looking to hire staff for kitchen and serving.

Dishwashers $9 hourly, lots of hours. Duties would be washing dishes, putting away dishes, taking garbage out, cleaning up & mopping the dishwasher area.

Host- $9/10 hourly depending on experience and performance. Duties would be seating guests, getting them water & bread & assigning them a server. Clearing tables when guests leave & resetting the dining area.

Server- $5 hourly plus any tips they make they keep. Duties for this job is taking orders, making cocktails, serving food, cleaning tables, resetting tables.

Bussers- $9 hourly plus the servers tip the bussers for helping them. Duties for this job are making salads & soups for the tables, running food, helping clear tables, helping clean and restock the salad area.

Fry cook - 10/12 hourly depending on experience and performance. Duties would be deep frying food, helping to make sure your work area is set up and stocked correctly, cleaning up at the end of the shift.

Employer can offer at least 40-60 hours weekly!

Accommodations could be provided on premise, there are 19 hotel rooms. Some rooms have 2 queen beds & a bathroom, the other rooms have one queen bed and a bathroom.


Downey, California -
Hotel is looking for summer 8 employees -

Room attendant $16.00/hour
40 hours per week with a possible overtime!

Host Company will assist with accommodation.

$500 per month!

Sarasota, Florida

Seasonal employer is looking for J1 students to hire -

34-40 hrs/week
Position: Housekeeping
Housing is $500 per month ($125 per week)

Good possibility to find a 2nd job!


Charlottesville, Virginia -
Restaurant is looking for J1 applicants:

$9.50 per hour, waive increase based on performance.
Positions: cook, hostes, waitstaff.
40 hours per week. Overtime is available!

Accommodation $500 per month.


Ogunquit, Maine -

Notes from employer:
We need kitchen staff, up to 40 hours a week, $20 per hour with experience, $18 without but after training we would consider a raise to $20 plus.

Food runner, deliver food to tables and light bussing, $13 per hour plus tips.

Servers, with at least some experience, $6.34 plus tips, generally @$200 plus a night.

Housing is available. Approx price is $125 per week.


Ocean City, Maryland -
Restaurant is looking for summer employees!

Front of the house (servers, bussers, hostess) - tipped staff will be paid standard per hour approx $5 but expect to make substantial cash tips per shift.
Kitchen employees, depending upon experience, can expect to make $14 - $25 per hour w Bonus and paid vacation weeks, also Employee meals, good working conditions and limited amount of seats.

35-40 hours per week, overtime is available!

No housing but employer will assist finding it.


For those applicants who are already in New York City!

Business: Bike Rental
Position: Sign Holder Sales
Offer: $15 per hour
40 hours per week, overtime is possible!

Easy to find a 2nd job and housing!

Cape May, New Jersey
Restaurant is looking for employees:

15 positions are available!
35-40 hours per week with a possible overtime -

Servers $5.13 +tips Service to tables and to go orders. Sidework
Bussers $10 + tips Cleaning tables. Mopping, sidework
Runners $10 +tips bringing food to tables, sidework
Hosteses $13-$15 greeting guests, seating, some cleaning. Sidework
Prep cooks ($15-18) (based on experience)
Bartenders $6-8.+tips serving guests beverages, taking orders, sidework

Housing is not available.


Denali National Park, Alaska -
Clothing/gift store need J1 students in retail sales!

$3/hour end of season bonus.
The end of season bonus is earned by completing the contracted dates agreed on in the interview and will be held as a damage deposit for housing.

Sales associates are responsible for the daily operation of the stores. Their highest priority is assisting customers and providing them with a friendly experience.

Housing is provided for free!


Dubois, Wyoming -
Motel, close to Yellowstone and Tetons (very busy during the summer)

$10/hour and there is plenty of work.
40 hours per week and 15 to 20 hours of overtime each week if the student desires.

Need to hire 1-2 students!
Duties would include basic housekeeping, and some laundry as well.

Housing is FREE!


Waterloo, Iowa -
Amusement park is hiring seasonal staff!

These jobs would be for a theme park, waterpark and campground -
$12/hr with the potential to earn up to an additional u$1.50/hr performance bonus if meeting certain criteria.
At least 40 hours per week and more as this is a 7 day per week seasonal operation.

Housing is $100 per week with 4 people per room.


Plymouth and Lincoln, New Hampshire -
Seasonal cafe is looking for J1 applicants!

15 dollars per hour, 40 hours per week and overtime is available!

Duties include what traditional fast food crew or baristas are familiar with. Tasks such as making and serving food and sandwiches, keeping the restaurant clean and working well with others.

Opportunity to find 2nd job, discount on meals!

Employer provides accommodation, approx price is $100 per week.


Cape May, New Jersey -
It is a quick bite eatery in the center of Cape May, NJ.

At the moment only 2 students are needed.
Pay $17.00 to $20.00 per hour.
Duties - Light cooking, desk/podium, cleaning
35-40 hours per week.
Easy to find 2nd job.

Employer is willing to assist in finding accommodation.


Different locations are available -
Sheridan - IL, Canyon Lake - TX, Branson - MO, Flint - TX

Resort place looking for J1 students:
Cooks, pool attendants, housekeepers, game operators needed
Wages - $12.00 up to $16.00 per hour.

40 hours per week. Ovetime is available!
Housing is $50 per week.


Lahaina, Hawaii -
Several positions are available at the seafood restaurant!

Line Cook: Full Time $27hr inclusive of tips
Dishwasher: Full Time $25hr inclusive of tips
Security: Full Time $27 an hour
Greeter: Full Time $25 an hour

40 hours per week and overtime is possible!
Employer will help to find accommodation.

Benefits offered to employees
• Free Maui County Monthly Bus Pass for Full time staff
• Employee dining discount
• Medical Benefits HMAA
• Full time employees are eligible for insurance benefits and paid vacation
• Employee Meals
• Competitive wages
• Career Opportunities


Dorothy, New Jersey -
Tavern is looking for the summer staff!

$14/hr. 35 - 40 hours per week with a possible overtime!

Notes from employer -
2 employees for kitchen help beginining immedately through September 2022. We also have opportunities for 1-2 partime servers.

Employer can't provide housing but will assist with search.


Livingston, Montana -
Need 1-2 housekeepers

Help to clean 17 rooms, assist with guests on occasion, assist with laundry, help in office.
-Dates: May 15, 2022-September 30th, 2022
-Full and part time
$18 per hour
-In historical town of Livingston Montana,& Gardiner Montana, gateway to Yellowstone Park, & many other points of interest & travels, pretty scenery, many activities ( horseback riding, hiking, river rafting, rodeos, zip lining, fishing, golf, & others).

Housing: we have an apartment, it is $75 per week.