What else J1 Abroad can do for our clients?

 Help to participate in Internship/Trainee USA program

These are paid positions and Interns should expect a full time position of minimum 32-35 hours per week and minimum wage per hour. Also there is a Program fee which you can find below.

You have to understand that:

- Internship program has age requirements (be at least 18 years old);
- Be a full-time university student or recent graduate (within 1 year) outside the US or 5 years of working experience must be;
- The program has strict requirements for education and work experience so please state your graduation date (if you have graduated) and the exact dates of your work experience;
- Internship must be in a field related to your studies or academic background;

Prices (depends on J1 visa sponsor) -

Non-hospitality program is more expensive

Self-Placed Program Fees: 12 months - $1599
Full-Placed Program Fees: 12 months - $2599 up to $3495


Teaching Internships in the USA

ITIP enables qualified International Interns in Education to embark on challenging teaching internship opportunities at American schools on J-1 visa program. Every year these Internships in Education open doors to an exchange of ideas, methodologies, and culture, which should benefit everyone involved. Interns hone valuable skills in teaching environments abroad, improve their English, and experience American life and school culture. Our J1 sponsor company has many fields of instruction: Biology, Math, Sciences, History, Foreign Languages, Sports, Art, Drama, Music, Technology, etc. Teaching interns should inform and inspire students, helping them better understand the world. Host communities share perspectives on the intern’s country, culture and people.

Applicants need to have at least 2 years of experience as a teacher (for the past 8 years).

Prices -

ITIP (Teaching Intern Program) Self-Placed Fees: 12 months - $2099
ITIP (Teaching Intern Program) Full-Placed Fees: 12 months - $2399


We can also help to refund taxes if applicant worked in USA previously

Visiting the US on a J1 visa is exciting – especially if you’ve worked in the US and paid tax, you could be entitled to a US tax refund. The general rule that everyone who works in the U.S. must pay taxes even if they permanently reside outside the U.S. applies. Anyone residing in the US with a J, F, Q, or M visa, and has any sort of income, is required to pay U.S. taxes.

We get US tax back for hundreds of J1 students and Work & Travel participants every year!


Just send us email to j1abroad@hotmail.com if you have any questions!